Why Do I Write?

Readers want to know why authors write. Often an interview will ask the question “What made you want to become a writer?” My answer is probably trite, but hopefully amusing: I didn’t.
I didn’t have childhood dreams of being a writer. I loved to read. In fact, as a child I devoured books, the longer the better. I had a vivid imagination and loved getting lost in fantasy, adventure, history, anywhere but reality. But never once did I picture myself with pen in hand, churning out stories.
Now I can’t seem to stop. And my stories don’t want to be confined to one genre. (They have minds of their own.) When I took a class on branding the teacher asked us to look at who we are, what we like, what authors we aspire to be, what readers say about our books, what words and colors stand out. Lo and behold, I love journeys and I’m all about the heart. I want to go on a journey when I read. I want to feel the characters’ emotions, to take the winding road with them and face their obstacles, their choices, their needs and fears. And that’s what I want my readers to do with my stories.