Here Comes the Sun!

January 18 — I took a chance. I took a leap. I stepped off the metaphorical cliff and . . .

Let me start a little earlier. Two years ago I was searching for new writing partners and joined a critique group for women’s fiction writers. Joanne lives outside of Cleveland, Ohio. Pam lives near Sarasota, Florida. For over two years we’ve been meeting virtually every other week, reading, critiquing, discussing our stories and story ideas, and growing as authors. The fascinating thing is that we all have different gifts and talents, so we constantly learn from each other. A truly magnificent thing.

Last year, Joanne decided to vacation in Sarasota in January and invited me to stay in their Airbnb. I procrastinated. Travel is harder as you get older, and staying with a stranger? But I finally surrendered.

It was wonderful! Glorious! We had mostly sunny days in the low to mid-70s. Pam played chauffeur and took us to the Marina, Siesta Key, North Jetty Park, Sarasota Bay. We drove through gorgeous residential areas, dined on luscious seafood, walked through mangrove trees, and watched the sun sparkle on the water. We even got to sit in with a marvelous writing group (where I heard about one line Wednesdays) and make lovely connections. And on my last day I visited Venice Beach and the Ringling house. Best of all, we got to know each other better (we get along so well!) and deepened our friendships.

Living in Atlanta I miss the water. Water soothes me, refreshes me, energizes me, relaxes me. Being by the water in Sarasota, walking on the sand, enjoying the palm trees and the sunshine, those are the elements that my body needs. It was a perfect vacation, made that much better by my dear friends Joanne and Pam. And now that I’m home, I want to go back! 😊