Finishing Touches

Do you like nearing the end of a project? The thrill of wrapping it up, tying up all the loose ends? Publishing a book is a definite journey, and long for me. Usually 3 years. But all that effort makes the end so worthwhile.   

I’m putting the finishing touches on The Heart of Everything, getting it ready for layout (interior design). I’ve already read through the manuscript multiple times and decided everything was good to go. Until we did the cover. Before the cover, Rigel’s necklace had a tourmaline chip, just a tiny piece of green in the middle of the spiral. But that tiny piece would have gotten lost on the cover. So I invoked poetic license and changed the “chip” to “stone” to match.   

[A similar thing happened with The Sacred Flame. The ring that Livia receives originally had a green stone to match her eyes. But the cover designer found a stunning ruby ring, which had nice significance, so I changed the emerald ring to a ruby ring.]  

All of this is in preparation for the preorder and going live on August 20. The manuscript has to be uploaded a few days prior to release date. Plenty of time, right? But I have early readers—those lucky people who get to read and review the book before it officially goes live—and they’ll start to receive their packages around the beginning of August. So no time to lose. There are a few more early reader slots open if you’d like to join them. Email me at if you’re interested. I’d love for you to join in!