Book Reviews

Of Beast and Beauty by Chanda Hahn  

I’m a huge fan of the Beauty and the Beast fable and have enjoyed numerous retellings. This was no exception. Chanda Hahn gives us a complex story with high stakes and continued suspense.  

Rosalie, the eldest of seven daughters of Lady Eville, had been chosen to unite two feuding kingdoms. Thrust into marriage with Prince Xander, whom she’s never met, their wedding day is the opposite of bliss. And her magic and witchcraft (which I love) are, to the prince’s kingdom, appalling, forbidden, evil. On top of that, people are being murdered by a savage beast and Rosalie’s attempts to help plunge her into an ever-widening circle of distrust. As the story progresses, the stakes continue to climb, until you reach a surprising climax.  

There is love and romance, magic and suspense, high emotions, and a nice touch of paranormal. I fell in love with the characters and cheered them on. But I also found myself frequently editing the writing. Non-editors will find this book immensely satisfying. Editors, there are some bumps ahead. But keep reading. You’ll be glad you did.