The Chemistry of Love

Book Review: The Chemistry of Love by Sariah Wilson (many stars)

You always know a romance will have a HEA. That’s part of the formula. But the getting there is the important journey. And in the hands of Sariah Wilson, the getting there is so much fun. 😊

Anna Ellis is a cosmetic chemist who’s in love with her boss, Craig. A guy who barely gives her a second glance. All she needs is a real chance with him for Craig to realize he’s the white knight to her damsel in distress. Enter Marco, Craig’s brother, a willing volunteer to help her “fake date” to win her prize.

The magic in this book is in the humor (so well done!) and the details. Of course, the men are hot (I’ll happily “fake date” Marco anytime). Of course, Anna has an understanding best friend to confide in (the kind who knows you better than yourself). Of course, there are obstacles along the way (Is Anna falling for Marco? But what about Craig?). But the author goes beyond the ordinary to give us chemistry—real chemistry, not just attraction—and side interests and a rich family life, all of which make for complex characters that feel real, that you want to know better, that you want to be friends with. While Marco and Anna “fake date” and explore their own chemistry, this rich substructure (I so want to talk about it, but I can’t spoil the surprise) gives the people and the story another layer of shine. So much so, that I got teary at the end and heaved a sigh of disappointment that the story was over.

If you like fun, flirty romance and you enjoyed The Paid Roommaid, make room in your TBR pile for The Chemistry of Love. The romance is explosive!