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A reluctant Virgin. A married man on the verge of divorce. A cunning wife who will stop at nothing to protect her home.

The fate of an empire lies within their hands.

Ancient Rome, 216 BC

For thirty years, Livia has served Rome as a priestess to the goddess Vesta, guarding the temple's sacred flame. All she wants is retirement, a happy marriage, and peace. Instead, the High Priestess falls ill, Livia assumes leadership, and all her dreams collapse.

While the temple flame burns, no harm will come to the city. But against her vows, Livia falls for Gaius, a married equestrian, who wants to shower her with love. Passion awakens a burning desire and Livia's role as High Priestess falters. And Gaius's wife will stop at nothing to keep her marriage intact.

As summer comes, Rome is threatened by the invasion of Hannibal and Livia must choose between duty or passion. A choice that might cost her everything.

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